R. Carter specializes in providing the most reliable fire alarm and suppression systems designs and installations.
                            We are certified by American Bureau of Shipping(ABS), USCG, DOT and Lloyd's as an external specialist
                            for SOLAS Service of Fixed and Portable Fire Extinguishing equipment. You can be assured of service by a trained
                            professional staff using quality, job specific supplies and equipment manufactured by reputable companies.
	                   – Fire and Gas Detection Systems
	                   – Dry Chemical Systems
	                   – Foam Systems
	                   – CO2 Systems
                                   – Portables 
                                   – Wheel Units
                                   – Inspection and Testing 
			   – Sprinkler Systems 
			   – Fire Pumps
			   – Backflow Systems  
			   – Gaylord Hoods



	           At our facilities in Mobile, AL, we also accomplish the following:
		   – Engineering and Design
		   – Fabrication
		   – Hydro-Static Testing
		   – Recharging of Cylinder

	            Extensive experience in environments such as: 
		   – Engine Rooms 			– Dust Collectors 
		   – Generator Enclosures 	– Transformer Vaults 
		   – Turbines 				– Record Storage 
		   – Paint Booths 			– Textile Plants 
		   – Oil Rigs 				– Hospitals 
		   – Computer Rooms 		– Paint Manufacturers 
		   – Kitchen Hoods 			– Casinos 
		   – Power Plants 			– New Construction 
		   – Newspaper Presses